Author: Feloubatir Tadros

Summer Bubbles Festival

Summer Bubbles Festival “Celebrating our Fathers the Apostles” Looking forward for a special day: Saturday July 14th St Philo’s Patio 2-7 pm “Celebrating the apostles feast! Fun water, bubbles, trampolines, jumpy castle & barbecue”

Kenonia Day

  Kenonia Day “Behold how beneficent and how pleasant, it is for brothers to dwell together in unity” (The morning Doxology) (ها ماهو الحسن وما هو الحلو الاتفاق اخوة ساكنين معا>> . (ذكصولوجية باكر>> Sunday June 10th, 2018 . @12 p.m.  at St. George’s Church Gym. الاحد ١٠ يونيو٢٠١٨ في الجيم بكنيسة مارجرجس الساعه ١٢ Read More …