Jr. High/High-school Basketball League

Consent Form & Rules
- The league time starts at 1:00 pm,  PLEASE arrive on time.
- Proper attire is required that includes; Basketball shoes/indoor Running shoes for soccer (NO cleats), Shorts or track pants
- Please DO NOT BOUNCE BALLS OR MAKE BASKETBALL MOVES on the sideline during a game as this is a safety issue for players/referees on the court as well as spectators.
- No outdoor shoes are allowed on the court or inside the gymnasium.
- No accessories are permitted, loose hair or long fingernails (ie. Necklaces, bracelets, watches)
- Zero tolerance policy for any negative behaviour, no cursing, no fighting, no insults, no arguments with the coaches or referees or any abuse.
- Players under the age of 18 require parental/guardian consent initialed and signed
- Emergency contact must be provided upon registration along with OHIP card information

I (parent/Guardian) hereby grant permission for my child to participate in various programs, events, trips or activities (hereinafter referred to as activities) operated or sponsored by the Church. 
I understand and acknowledge that a participant may incur personal or bodily harm while participating in sports-related activities, including but not limited to activities described as running, jumping, physical contact, etc. By signing this agreement, I assume all risks inherent in these activities and accept full responsibility for any and all damages or injuries of any kind; but I am also aware that reasonable care and supervision will be exercised by the adult supervision to provide for the general well-being of my child.

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- Important values to consider:
     * Positive attitude and Christ-Like mannerism on the court and off the court
     * Good sportsmanship is encouraged, treat others how you'd like to be treated!
     * Players are required to respect each other, your coaches, referees and their time.
     * Being present and punctual are important factors because your team is relying on you!

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