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Commemorations for Tout 30

October 11, 2015 1.The Commemoration of the Miracle that God Performed for St. Athanasius the Apostolic On this day the Lord Christ performed a great miracle for the honorable Saint Abba Athanasius, 20th Pope of Alexandria. When Emperor Constantius, the son of the righteous Emperor Constantine, adopted the teachings of Arius who said that the Read More …


Commemorations for Tout 29

October 10, 2015 1.The Martyrdom of St. Arbsima (Repsima) the Virgin and Her Sisters the Virgins On this day, the holy virgins Arbsima (Repsima) and Agatha (Ghana) and their sisters, were martyred during the reign of Emperor Diocletian. This infidel sought out the most beautiful damsel to marry. He sent artists to every country and Read More …


Commemorations for Tout 28

October 09, 2015 1.The Martyrdom of Saints Abadir (Apater) and Eraee (Herai), His Sister On this day, Sts. Abadir (Apater) and Eraee (Herai), his sister, the children of Wasilides, the minister of Antioch, were martyred. Abadir was appointed Esfeh-selar (a high ranking governmental position) in his father’s position. He had a room wherein he prayed Read More …


Commemorations for Tout 26

October 07, 2015 1.The Angels’ Annunciation of John the Baptist to Zacharias On this day it was announced to Zacharias, the priest, the birth of John the Baptist. Zacharias was well advanced in years and his wife, Elizabeth, was barren and her time for begetting children had passed. Zacharias was praying and beseeching God persistently Read More …


Commemorations for Tout 22

October 03, 2015 1. The Martyrdom of Saints Cotylas (Kobtlas) and Axoua, his Sister, and Tatas, his Friend. On this day, Saints Cotylas (Kobtlas) and his sister Axoua, the children of Sapor, King of Persia, and Cotylas’ friend, Tatas, were martyred. Sapor worshipped fire and the sun. He inflicted many tortures on the believers, and Read More …