Family “Cloud witnesses” Meeting – إجتماع سحابة شهود

Family 'Cloud witnesses' MeetingThis Family meeting is held weekly on Fridays from 7:30PM to 9:30PM at St. Philopateer and St. Shenouda’s Church

A little bit about this meeting:

This meeting began on June 5, 2015 and journeys through the lives of the saint, how we can learn and apply their story in our lives today.
The meeting also includes songs and education on the Coptic language along with spiritual competitions. There’s also a special program for families with young children.

Children Program:

Fun FridayWhile the parents enjoy their spiritual nourishment at Family “Cloud witnesses” Meeting – إجتماع سحابة شهود,, the children from infancy to Gr.6 are also busy enjoying their time.

This program is designed to be fun and educational for the children. Some of the activities include, piano lessons and board games. For more information speak with Haidy.