High School Overnight Trip

Location : Pennsylvania
Hotel Address: Comfort Inn Lancaster County
Date: Saturday May 18th MIDNIGHT (Meet at church by 11 PM Friday May 17th)– Monday May 20th @8pm

DANIEL - Stage Production & Tour — A Better UsNO MORE MASKS at Hersheypark for fully vaccinated


COST:  $325 
DEADLINE: April 7th at 11:59 PM

Each person is expected to bring with them the following:

  • Money: Bring money (USD) for pit stops, 2 meals, and shopping (optional) in Pennsylvania
  • Personal Quiet time: Bring your Bible/ Agpeya/Spiritual Book
  • Clothes: Bring appropriate clothing for May weather (TBD)
  • Liturgy: Deacons, please remember to bring your tonya and ladies please remember your esharp (head coverings, if you have)
  • Bedding and towels: We will be at a Hotel so this will be provided
  • Bring tooth paste, tooth brush, deodorant
  • Footwear: Slippers are always handy indoors
  • Pack light, we’re not travelling overseas
  • Be open to new things, meeting new people and making new friends 🙂


PLEASE NOTE: Your registration will NOT go through if you do not complete your payment. 

Registration for the Trip has closed.