High-School Youth Group Contest

STGR HS Youth Group

Contest Rules 2020

  What’s the Big Talk about this competition?

Calling all creative minds! We are seeking YOU to jump-start our High School Youth Group! This is the chance you have been waiting for—customize your own, fun, spiritually engaging youth group, and we will reward you with awesome prizes! Not only this, your ideas will actually be implemented and you will become a valuable member of the planning team!

What exactly do I have to do?

You get to choose everything! We are giving the reigns over to YOU! Choose the Group Name, Group Logo, Group Mission & Group Vision.

You are encouraged to get together with other youth of varying grades to enter this competition as a team. You have to submit the following components:

  1.     Design a Logo to be used on all media
  2.       An appealing Name or catchy phrase (i.e. Serve 2B Served, 5-2)
  3.       A befitting Biblical Verse.
  4.       A Mission Statement
  5.     A Vision structure to achieve mission

What happens if my idea is chosen?

The Grand Prize Winners will:

  1.       Have their ideas implemented by the Steering Committee
  2.       Receive a spot on the Steering Committee!
  3.       Receive a cash money prizes/gift certificates allocated for top 3 submissions ($XXX, $XX & $XX).

Evaluation Criteria

  1.       LOGO DESIGN
  • Eye-catching
  • Memorable and recognizable
  • High resolution in all sizes (i.e. even if it is placed in the corner of a page).
  • Phrase shows creativity
  • Phrase employs at least one of the following literary devices:
    • word pun (or play on words)
    • rhyme
    • symbolism
    • imagery
    • wit/humour
  • Biblical verse fits with the catch name/phrase
  • Biblical verse is appropriately cited
  • Biblical verse is preferred to be from NEW KING JAMES version
  • Focused and with a clear purpose
  • Inspirational and visionary
  • Detailed plan with laid out responsibilities and processes required to achieve mission statement.

Contest Rules

  1.       All proposals must be submitted to the Steering Committee no later than March 22, 2020. Please email your proposals to Retreats4youth@Gmail.com
  2.       All proposals must be authentic. NO plagiarized proposals will be accepted.

Good Luck 🙂

Terms and Conditions:

All entries become property of HS Youth Group and will not be displayed unless permission is given. By submitting an entry, the authors relinquish any right to the entry submitted. Entries will not be returned to their composers. The committee reserves the right the absolute right to reproduce any entry in any format. By submitting an entry, all composers are deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to abide by these terms.