High School St Anthony’s Monastery Trip

Location : St Anthony’s Monastery Perth
Address: 608 Miners Point Rd, Perth, ON K7H 3C5
Time:  Friday March 29th @5PM – Sunday March 31st @8PM

COST: $30 ($10 to help with covering transportation and  $20 donation to the Monastery – if you’d like to donate more to the monastery you can do so. )

Each person is expected to bring with them the following:

  • Personal Quiet time: Bring your Bible/ Agpeya / Spiritual Book
  • Clothes: Please bring appropriate clothing.
  • Liturgies: 
    • Deacons, please remember to bring your ‘tonya’
    • Ladies, ladies please bring your head coverings
  • Bedding: bring one pillowcase and two sheets for personal use; one sheet will be used for the mattress and the other for the cover

Please Note:

DEADLINE: March 20

St Anthony Monastery HS Trip
This form is best viewed on a computer. We are excited to announce that we will be going to St Anthony's Monastery in Perth, Ontario from March 29 - 31.
Please list any allergies you may have that we should be aware of.
Please list any medical information that you believe we should be aware of to ensure your safety on the trip.
I (the parent/guardian) understand that in the event of an emergency, every reasonable effort will be made to contact the parent and or the emergency contact before treatment is administered. In the event of an emergency requiring urgent medical attention, I hereby authorize any physician, hospital or healthcare provider to administer the necessary emergency care. I also authorize the transport to and from a doctor/hospital via chaperone or ambulance to receive this care.
High School Monastery Trip Code of Conduct

1. Respect for the Monastery:
- Treat the monastery facilities, staff, and residents with courtesy, kindness, and respect.
- Maintain a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, especially during prayer and meditation times.
- Follow any specific rules or guidelines provided by the monks/servants at the monastery.

2. Behavior Expectations:
- Behave in a manner that reflects positively on our church and demonstrates good character.
- Do not engage in any disruptive or disrespectful behavior, including loud talking, running, or horseplay.
- Show reverence and mindfulness in areas designated for prayer and reflection.

3. Dress Code:
- Dress modestly and appropriately for a spiritual setting.
- Follow any specific dress code requirements communicated by the monastery.

4. Electronic Devices:
- Use electronic devices (phones, tablets, etc.) only during designated free time and in designated areas.
- Respect the monastery's policies regarding electronic device usage.

5. Alcohol, Drugs, and Smoking:
- Absolutely no consumption of alcohol, drugs, or smoking is allowed during the trip.
- Any violations will result in immediate consequences and notification of parents/guardians.

6. Curfew:
- Adhere to the monastery’s designated curfew time for lights out and quiet time.
- Respect others' need for rest and sleep.

7. Group Activities:
- Participate actively and positively in all planned group activities and discussions.
- Be punctual for liturgical services, group meetings and scheduled events.

8. Personal Responsibility:
- Be responsible for personal belongings and the cleanliness of shared spaces.
- Follow any recycling or waste disposal guidelines provided by the monastery.
Clear Signature
Price: $30.00
$10 to help with covering transportation and $20 donation to the Monastery – if you’d like to donate more to the monastery you can do so.