Service Registration


We are praying and looking forward to resuming normal liturgical services that are open to all congregants. However, until the churches are granted permission by the provincial authorities to increase the number of attendees to full capacity, we are providing this registration system to enable attending Vespers & Midnight Praise (Tasbeha), and also receiving the Holy Communion on a household-by-household basis.

While the Church has re-opened in a limited capacity, as per Public Health recommendations we still request that all members of our beloved congregation who has pre-existing medical conditions such as heart conditions, diabetes, asthma or respiratory conditions, and if you are over 65, to consult with your family physician directly prior to attending any service at Church.

We thank you for your understanding and full cooperation as we all try to do the best we can during these difficult circumstances.


Option A: You have never registered for a liturgy service.  Please click this button and fill in the registration form, and then come back and go to Option B.

Church Service Registration Form (Fill in once only)

Option B: You have already filled in the longer liturgy service registration form before.  You do not need to fill it in again.  Please click this button to book your Liturgy and/or Verspers & Midnight Praise (Tasbeha) service.

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